How to Run around the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens

Panathenaic Stadium

One of the highlights of our trip was running around the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the first modern Olympic stadium. The marble arena is located on the site of an ancient stadium. It hosted the 1896 Olympics after its excavation in 1869 and more recently was the finish line for the marathon in the 2004 Athens Olympics.


Did you know that the wordstadiumcomes from the Ancient Greek measure of length. A ‘station’ is approximately 185 metres, the equivalent to the length of a track (the track at the Panathenaic Stadium is not the usual shape of a track with a 204m straightaway with very sharp turns. This was perfect for the 200m sprint that was the key race of the ancient olympics. Old tracks actually used to be 1/3 mile.

Panathenaic Stadium

打开马群之间为“早上跑步”7.30-9am(虽然有些网站说,这是早上7点,因此值得一试!)我看到在一些网站上,你必须填写一份健康和安全的形式,但我们并不需要一个。Find out more here.

成本:I had assumed, wrongly, that it would be free for runners to clock up some laps on the track before it opens to the public. Luckily I had put some euros in my pocket. It was5 euroseach for entrance to the stadium and the mini museum. There’s an audio tour guide that is included within the price if you fancy listening after your workout (although I was SUPER sweaty so not sure how enjoyable that would have been!).

how to run around the Panathenaic Stadium

Active Athens

When I’d originally looked at tours of Athens, I suggested booking a running tour. This was quickly vetoed by Tom sadly, but he did agree to a bike tour. We booked the half day tour with雅典骑自行车,and we both loved it. Athens is pretty hilly but we stuck mostly to flat routes so it’s suitable for all levels (there were kids on our tour), and it actually felt much cooler cycling around in the 30*+ degree heat than walking. I wore sports kit mostly because I knew it was sweat wicking but that was probably unnecessary (*sings“运动服”in head*).

积极雅典 - 骑自行车游览雅典

此行的亮点是我们博学的导游 - 如果你预订自行车之旅,我建议你尝试周期接近前听到他们说的一切。我们停了许多次,以了解更多关于个别建筑物,地区和文化,但也有沿途的花絮。万博真人娱乐我们总共涉及约在3个时间9英里所以它肯定万博真人娱乐是悠闲骑自行车。


爬上雅典卫城 - 活动行程雅典

雅典卫城博物馆是巨大的(和很好的空调),但是,我们都认为,这是在每个10欧元高估了一点。虽然我喜欢历史,博物馆是一个有点太多了我,我希望我们救了我们的钱。然而,20欧元入口雅典卫城本身是值得的。I think you can also buy passes that give you entrance to multiple historic sites that will save you money, children under 18 are free, and students are 10 euro (wish I’d brought my student card to make the most of it before I graduate!).

爬上雅典卫城 - 活动行程雅典

Another favourite activity was admiring the sunset from the top of Lycabettus Hill, at just under 1000ft, this is the tallest of the seven hills in/around Athens. We had booked dinner at the restaurant on the top (expensive but delicious) but if I’d had more time, and it wasn’t quite so hot, I’d have walked up the hill for a drink instead. Alongside the restaurant is a coffee shop if you fancy a mid-morning stroll up, or better yet, go for sunrise to beat the heat of the day! Alternatively you could get the cable car up and walk back down, although I’m not sure that’s as satisfying! Bring water, the hike is takes between 30-90 mins depending on your level of fitness and can get quite steep in parts so not one to wear your Birkenstocks for!

Active Athens view from Lycabettus hill

对于那些询问我们的希腊之行的其余部万博真人娱乐分,我们采取了渡轮从雅典到岛屿Spetses(我们住在酒店斯佩特塞斯,我强烈推荐的好值),其中汤姆的一个朋友要结婚了。我喜欢斯佩特塞斯,我们聘请了四轮摩托车带我们环岛。如我预料的希腊岛屿是盛夏(显然很多希腊的去来斯佩特塞斯他们hols)期间,这是迷人的,而不是为忙碌。我们花了斯佩特塞斯四夜让一个30分钟的渡轮到前Hydra(we stayed at Hotel Leto, a little overpriced in my opinion). The beaches on both Hydra are mostly pebble and require a boat from the port – we enjoyed our day at Four Seasons resort (randomly not part of the famous chain) as well as dinner’s at Sunset Bar and The Yacht Club. Sunset and sunrise over Hydra was gorgeous, as were the charming shops and narrow cobbled streets that make up the town. With no cars or motorised vehicles, be prepared to drag your suitcase to your hotel if you stay, or hitch a ride on a pony!

I would LOVE to go back to Greece and explore the more famous islands of Santorini and Paxi, but those will have to wait for another summer.


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