How To Increase Your Running Mileage

I know a lot of people have started running during lockdown, whilst another group, myself included, found running through this time quite stressful and so fitness and mileage dropped.

马拉松的目标在2021年的春天,我trying to increase my mileage to a solid 30 miles per week consistently before I start a marathon training cycle. I’ve been using a combination of the Peloton guided runs, easy runs and run/walks to build up my mileage. Each week I have a weekly mileage goal in mind, and then run what I feel like each day (or ride instead of running!). However, I want to get used to following a bit of a plan before starting marathon training again, so this week I’ve set myself an outline to hit 20 miles. You can follow mymanbetx2.0手机版


Whether you’ve completed Couch to 5K and are looking to take a step up in distance, or you’re coming back to running after an injury or just some time off and are building back up to longer runs, it’s really important to build up mileage slowly and not jump up in distance too much in one go. Doing too much too soon can increase your risk of running injuries or burning out.

  • Don’t increase your mileage too quickly
  • 包括易道和休息日
  • Listen to your body, back off if you’re struggling with the extra mileage
  • 找到适合您的里程!


Some people thrive on 12 miles per week, some on 102 miles per week. Honestly it all depends on the individual, their goals and their other life commitments. Personally I run best around 30-40ish miles per week, more than that and I struggle to fit all my runs in (and forget about strength training!).

我最喜欢的训练周期是我Berlin Marathonwhere I only ran three times per week, maxing out about 35 miles. I’ve also run a couple of 50 mile weeks when training for theEdinburgh Marathonlast year.


How To Increase Your RunningMileage

Build Up Slowly






Add Extra Runs Into Your Week


Increase the Number of Days Per Week That You Run

你每周当前运行3天吗?万博开户你的计谋ld increase the number of days you’re running to 4 or 5 days/runs per week and split your current mileage up between these days, plus an extra 1-3 miles.

When marathon training, I’ve followed training plans that have anywhere between 3 and 6 runs per week, I think 5 runs is about my sweet spot. Building a base is a great time to establish the number of days that are ideal for your lifestyle (and body!). I know right now life isn’t exactly normal so things might change in the future, but creating a habit to run four or five times a week will stand you in good stead fo future training.

Follow a Plan or Use a Coach

If you’re increasing mileage then following a plan can help do it safely and successfully. For those that have completed theCouch to 5K planand are looking for support when increasing running time might like theCouch to 5K+ app。There’s also a10K Trainerfrom the makers of C25K that has a lot of good reviews from those that have transitioned from the 5K to 10K distance.

For those looking to increase to a half or full marathon distance, or in fact any distance between 5K and 26.2, then I really likeHal Higdon’s training plans。I used the新手至尊培训计划我的first marathon, it was 30 weeks and started with running 1.5 miles.

If you prefer or have a big goal that you’re working towards, you could find a coach to help increase your mileage. Check out this post aboutworking with online running coaches


If you’re increasing your mileage, then you might want to think about what trainers you’re wearing. You should be replacing your shoes every 300-400 miles. Have a look at my post on theBest Running Trainers For Beginners


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