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making money from blogging

I started blogging back in 2012, documenting my London Marathon training and trying to coerce friends and family into sponsoring me. I didn’t even know you could make money as a blogger, and the word ‘influencer’ hadn’t been thrown around willy nilly like confetti at a wedding.

I definitely wouldn’t have gone into blogging for the cash, because although I do make money from it now, there were years and years when I spent far more on my blog than I made from it.

However, I’ve been asked to do an honest post about money and blogging/instagramming so here it is… Full warning, it might be a little raw because I’ve literally just discovered that a platform I worked with on brand collabs that owe me £££ has filed for insolvency, and the brand that I worked with on it are being no help at all, so legal proceedings have been started by myself and a number of other bloggers.

这就是自由职业者的生活... ...是依赖于公司支付你,你欠了什么,在时间,这是可悲的情况并不总是如此的祸根。我有次我不得不追逐支付多少记不清,不得不向汤姆借钱或使用我的信用卡,当我从那里我已经交付的工作协作拖欠数千人。

And don’t get me started on the 60 day payment terms…Infact, I find money from blogging so unpredictable and frustrating, that I still nanny throughout the term time to ensure I have a regular source of income to cover my travel for uni and placement.

I’m not going to dive in to what I actually charge, partly because I don’t have a flat rate (I work with brands on short term/long term collabs and will negotiate a rate that both the brand and I are happy with), and partly because I don’t ask what my friends earn at dinner parties.

With that said, I will share a little on how I work with brands, and some rates that健康博客社区已经被漂浮对于那些有兴趣分享

making money from blogging


我觉得自己很幸运,使现金博客和Instagram的 - 这也让我回去上大学,而无需得到一个“正常”的兼职工作。而且我完全明白,这是感谢所有你们的,我可以做到这一点(多谢你洙多!)。这的确是一份全职工作,但我完全喜欢它。

Do brands pay?

Its not always easy to get brands to pay, a lot still don’t put aside budget for projects where they work with influencers. I usually ask upfront about budget so that there are no surprises down the road, and then make a decision about whether to progress or not. It can be really frustrating when we’re not payed for our work, when there are specific briefs, deadlines and requirements without payment, it’s like going to your job and not being paid for the hours you do (or being paid in protein bars!) Things are improving, and I can only hope that as more bloggers/influencers demand compensation for their work, that brands will cotton on to the fact that it needs to be included in their budgets.

However for bloggers/influencers with BIG followings, they can get paid a lot of money. They are earning over 6 figures, and charging thousands per campaign. It’s awesome that these guys at the top are paving the way for us smaller bloggers!

赞助商的帖子 -我赚钱的主要方式是通过赞助博客和Instagram的帖子。品牌一般都会给我发电子邮件或直接DM我,虽然偶尔我通过影响者平台找到工作。



加盟链接 -我真的不使用这些,主要是因为我不喜欢推销产品上我的读者为我着想赚钱的想法。偶尔,当我爱一个产品,有一个很好的推广链接(我用RewardStyle),我会使用它,但会确保我就这些博客这清楚!加盟链接可以通过链接,更大,更昂贵的物品做几便士每购买£10 +。(我猜想,时尚博主可以赚很多钱,通过联盟链接)。

Ads –I used to use Mode for Ads on my blog until they went bust, and now I don’t have any, although I am looking at some other options. I know that they’re big for Youtubers but they aren’t something I’m interested in using, although if/when I start vlogging properly, I may look into it.

Ambassadorships/event attendance- 通常,当我与一个事件,种族或大使的品牌工作,它沿着一条赞助商博的线的,我会以换取旅行或支付创造了一定的内容。Ambassadorships往往是与少付每个职位比我通常会收取,而是互利我喜欢与这样的品牌合作品牌更长期的合作伙伴关系。它必须说,很多品牌不支付ambassadorships或活动出席,并给产品以换取合作。

making money from blogging


It should be noted that I am terrible with money, I used to be a bit of a shopaholic – but now tend to spend on travel, and reinvest on my blog. I see the travel as investment into myself, and my blog as it helps me create content and expand my horizons (and I love it!). I’ll happily fly across the globe to run a race, hike up a mountain or enjoy an acai bowl…

I pay Anna, my photographer for any videos and photographs she takes, this is probably my main expense for the blog aside from taxes and travel. Now that I don’t live in London, it can rack up going to events, races or shoots in town and I’ve tried to say ‘no’ to a few more evening events to save on travel time and money.

On top of those expenses, I also have the costs of running the blog, such as hosting platform, domain name, troubleshooting when things go wrong in the backend, and website bits and bobs.

Photography has to be my number one blog investment, and something I’d recommend to anyone who wants to take their blog to the next level. Whether that is working with a photographer, photography student or taking a course to improve their own skills. I think improving my photos helped me work with more brands, push up my rates and generally have a more professional look.

making money from blogging

Influencer Management


I tried working with a management team who approached me at the back end of last year. It all seemed a bit too good to be true, and after getting me one really well paid job, (which incidentally, I wasn’t paid for 5 months for), they seemed to stop doing the dirty work of getting jobs, and relied on the contacts that I was bringing in. On top of that, they actually just added more work to jobs. Rather than cutting down the to/fro of emailing with a brand, I now just had extra communications with my management who would then report back to the brand. They were just the middleman, and you know what they say about the middleman…

他们似乎只是裁员的人that I brought in personally, and actually hindered my chances with a lot of brands by asking for too much money (sums I was really uncomfortable charging), and I’ve since had feedback from PRs that they were quite rude. Not the sort of people I would want representing me.

It all came to a head over the aforementioned deal not being paid, and me having to go to a contact I had at the brand directly, literally telling them that I couldn’t pay my rent if they didn’t pay me. Seriously.

I had an email from my management wishing me well and good luck, but that they would continue to take their 20% from the brand partnerships that were already at play. They deleted the message threads we had, and yet I can’t sever ties completely because they hold the contracts and the purse strings, so to speak.


making money from blogging

Please let me know if there are any other questions that you have that you want answered….leave a comment below or DM me oninstagram



  1. 11th August 2018 / 6:07 am

    Hi Charlie, thanks for posting such an honest and informative post about money and blogging. I’ve made lots of links with companies, collaborated on some campaigns and had my fair share of products etc, but that next step of earning actual money does seem to be one that I’m finding more difficult! It’s interesting too to read your advice about photography and I will be taking that on board!

    • charlotte
      2018年8月16日/ 16:05

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

  2. 12th August 2018 / 7:39 am

    Thanks for sharing this Charlie – it’s great to hear how other people do it too. It’s especially interesting to hear about your experiences with management – it’s been something that we have considered in the past but had been worried about. I don’t think we’ll bother!

    • charlotte
      2018年8月16日/ 16:04

      Happy to chat through my experience in more detail via email

  3. 海蒂
    13th August 2018 / 5:15 am


    • charlotte
      2018年8月16日/ 16:04

      我一般不除非该协议以换取产品后。举例来说,我一直在考虑的过程中PT,所以我把它叫做赞助,并承认这是该协议是,我会分享我的经验。但是我不会,如果它是一个能量棒 - 而且通常我做的不是物品,我已经被送往保证张贴。万博真人娱乐这取决于货币价值呢!

  4. charlotte
    2018年8月16日/ 16:03

    我一般不除非该协议以换取产品后。举例来说,我一直在考虑的过程中PT,所以我把它叫做赞助,并承认这是该协议是,我会分享我的经验。但是我不会,如果它是一个能量棒 - 而且通常我做的不是物品,我已经被送往保证张贴。万博真人娱乐这取决于货币价值呢!