工作作为一个乐队5 NHS营养师


The days are busy, but you can plan your own workload, as long as you’re seeing the patient within the 24hr window for Enteral feeding (when patients are tube fed usually through an NG in their nose to their stomachs, or through a PEG/RIG straight into their stomachs), or 48hrs for nutrition support (usually offering food fortification or supplement support).


工作作为一个乐队5 NHS营养师


人类学- 体重,身高,体重,减肥/增益

生物化学– recent blood test results

临床– what they were admitted/referred for, current complaints (mostly I look for nausea, vomiting, lethargy, pain that might impact oral intake) past medical history, bowels, fluid balance, medications,新闻比分。I’ll also look to see if the SALT (Speech and Language Team) have written any recommendations for the patient to ensure my plan follows these.

膳食– current and past oral intake, food record charts (filled in by the nurses, they are brilliant on my wards!), current supplements/feed regimen, discussions with patient/family/medics/nurses about intake. I then work out the patient requirements using their weight, energy and protein requirements following ESPEN guidelines, and establish whether they are meeting them or not. For me the most important thing is to

环境的- 主要是用于那些即将被释放或门诊/社区环境见过的病人。万博真人娱乐这可能是他们做饭,养活自己,万博真人娱乐他们可能需要哪些帮助的能力。此外,在家里的任何其他挑战可能是障碍,健康饮食等,如照顾其他家庭成员。我也注意到了他们的酒精摄入量,并在这里吸烟状况,以及我们对他们的动机做出改变任何对话。万博真人娱乐

然后,我们会写Dietetic Diagnosis- 为什么我们看到的病人,我们关注的因素造成的问题,证据是什么。万博真人娱乐例如。Patient at risk of disease related malnutrition due to NBM (nil by mouth) status and increased protein-energy requirements, as evidenced by BMI 16.5kg/m2 (underweight) and 11% weight loss in 1 month (statistically significant).

工作作为一个乐队5 NHS营养师

Aim –什么we'e旨在从我们的投入来实现的。这可能是阻止进一步减重,以满足他们的要求,以提高误服。

计划 -这既包括我们自己的计划和其他医护专业人员,包括饮食记录图表监控经口摄入更多的信息请求,凳子上图,液体平衡图表上水合状态肠子。我还要请医务人员来监控的事情,我可能会担心。万博真人娱乐

I’ll then write any supplements I have prescribed on the drug chart and handover to the nursing staff (and medical team if appropriate), send requests for specific food to the kitchen or write up a feeding regimen for their NG/NJ/PEG/RIG.


工作作为一个乐队5 NHS营养师

Clinics are a little different in that they are usually coming in to a specific clinic for a specific condition, eg Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, IBS/IBD, but we also have a general clinic (which I’m covering next week!). I see the patients for 30 mins for new patients and 15-20 for reviews, then write to the patient and the GP discussing what we covered.

我上下班– I drive to work which takes anywhere between 45mins and 90 mins, meaning I have to give myself 90 mins most days just incase. I love listening to podcasts as I drive, drinking coffee and occasionally stopping for a pain au chocolat while I get fuel!

午餐– I get 30 mins for lunch (and last week I actually ate it while looking over patient notes most days, I’m still quite slow with my assessments so need to take all the time I can get!) and there aren’t great options at the hospital sadly so I’m mostly bringing in lunch or picking up a soup.

健身房- 我的待办事项列表下周是在大学加入健身房附近,使我有地方,如果我下班后/前跑锻炼洗澡!

总的来说,我爱了新的挑战,享受常规,并且很幸运有可爱的,支持的同事。而且,出乎意料地,而不必在博客上的压力/ IG,我想分享,写,做更多的在我的生命的一部分呢!我甚至有一个令人兴奋的新项目启动三月...睁大你的眼睛去皮。

工作作为一个乐队5 NHS营养师

Thanks for bearing with me while I transition to this new role, and be prepared for a lot more random hospital bathroom selfies, workwear posts as well as treadmill/pitch black runs!



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    Welcome back to consistent blogging, I love it Charlie! Hope you can keep it up! <3

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    Really interesting post Charlie. I work as a dietitian in Sheffield and it’s really interesting to hear just how similar the job is elsewhere even down to the paper notes! Apparently we’re going electronic ‘soon’ – ask me again in another year haha!

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      That would save SO much time! Honestly, I also have to type up the paper entry on to an online system. All a bit slow but fingers crossed things speed up soon! Yay for dieticians!

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